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Cross Dressing Guide

* Home
* Transgender Webcam Modeling
* Female Sexuality Experiment

Wanna pass as a woman?


Learn how to crossdress --
and pass as a genetic female
-- from the most comprehensive
feminization guide on the web...

... PLUS learn how you can develop your own female voice!

... PLUS discover many of the transgender's online & offline resources!

From: Jamie Young

Dear Sister,

If you are like me, I strive to create as near perfect illusion of
being a woman as I can. Passing as a woman is one of the most important
things as a crossdresser, transgenderist, transvestite or transsexual.
I know it is to me at least.

Your goal is to be totally accepted as a woman when you go out.

Why is it important for you?

For starters, you don't want to embarrass anyone, including yourself.
Second, you want to be treated with respect and dignity by those you

There are online stores and shops that sell you breast forms, wigs and
waist cincher but none offer you information on how to achieve a more
feminine appearance, to really achieve a male to female gender
transformation change.

Many of you have tried to find feminization tips and crossdressing
advice online on how to become a crossdresser in order to pass as a
woman. I'm sure you have used relevant keywords in the search engines
to try to find those feminization techniques, but instead, links to
sites that had nothing to do with cross dressing showed up in your
search results. For example, shemale porno websites, stories of
feminization of males, forced feminization of a man and etc.

Even after you managed to find a few online resources that claimed to
offer you tips on how to crossdress, the content from all those cross
dressing resources are of poor quality.Most of the time, you will still
end up looking like a man in drag.

It's enough to frustrate you!

There are more and more cross dressing stores offering online
catalogues selling cross dressing related products, such as lingerie
for crossdressers, female hormone for men and estrogen therapy for
transgender. All these so called "crossdressing shops" are taking
advantage of your desire to achieve a more feminine appearance and
charge you outrageous prices for their merchandise.

Without the proper feminization techniques of how to pass for a woman,
it doesn't matter how expensive or what best crossdressing products you

Surely, you must have seen what a man in drag looks like...

I don't know about you, but I sure as heck don't want to look like a
strange dude in a dress.

And I absolutely don't need to pay those outrageous prices for another
cross dressing product that claims will transform me into looking like
a real woman! I've worked in the beauty and fashion industry -- I know
what exactly you need in order to appear feminine without going through
all the trials and errors!...

What is this site all about?

I have been cross dressing for a over 10 years. At first I went through
a lot of trials and errors to try to achieve the feminine appearance
that I wanted.

When Internet came to existence, personal web pages built by cross
dressers around the world began to exchange tips and advice on cross
dressing, crossplay and feminization. Information such as how to create
cleavages, how to obtain male to female hormones and how to hide one's
bulge effectively were being passed around via the World Wide Web.

At first I was encouraged by the dozens of web sites offering "free"
cross dressing tips and methods to crossdress. So, I checked out bunch
of them and was filled with hope that those information given could
help me to pass as a woman whenever I went out as Jamie.

Until I got started...

First, every site offered the same small handful of tired tips! There
was few instructions crossdressing information, and the lack of details
that the few illustrations contained for crossdressing instructions
were just awful!

But worse -- the sites were filled with pop-ups and banners that would
take you to shemale porn sites full of naked transgendered models,
transsexual female impersonators and transsexual stories, they were
downright degrading, offensive and ridiculous! For example...

My experiments with free online cross dressing tips were
a disaster!

I still looked like a dude in a wig and a dress.

I totally lost my self-confidence.

And then there was one time I almost embarrassed myself in front of
others by following the "tuck away" tip I learned off the site --
didn't hold its place

Well, I was pretty disappointed by the third-rate results I got from my
free cross dressing tips, to say the least.

But instead of giving up, I decided that since I couldn't find the
cross dressing knowledge that I wanted, I'd just have to develop them

After all, I already knew from my work as an image consultant and as a
MA in Psychology, so I figured there was no reason why I couldn't
develop much better cross dressing tips and feminization advice than
what I was finding on the Web!In fact, I developed a whole course.

My work as an image consultant paid off!

Well, it took me years of experiences in crossdressing to learn
what-to-do's and what-not-to-do's. It also cost me thousands of dollars
to enroll in an expensive program to study the art of make-over. I also
spent hundreds of dollars in books and video tapes that teach people
how to do their own make-up and how to disguise themselves.

All I wanted was to compile the best report there was.

I kept testing and tweaking -- throwing out the useless feminization
tips, and working on the good ones -- until, before I knew it, I had
developed -- a program that would guarantee to help someone to achieve
the feminine appearance one could only dreamed about and to be the
woman that one has always wanted to be.

Finally, I was satisfied that I had created the best and most extensive
collection of cross dressing tips and advice possible, and was ready to
start sharing this course with those crossdressers that I knew at that

And ladies, were they ever a hit!
* A crossdresser friend of mine couldn't stop getting men trying to
pick her up at the bar. She even joked about signing up for the CIA
to become a secret agent like Alias. Then she said she planned to
start living as a woman full time.

* A local gay bar started using my guide to train their drag
performers. And many patrons wondered why there were real women
working in the establishment.

* Another crossdresser friend of mine said she had so much more
self-confidence after she applied the techniques that my guide has
taught her. She no longer has to worry about being treated as a
pervert in a woman's dress. Then she also told me she would
consider to start dressing full time as a woman.

And that's when it hit me!

Once I realized just how helpful my guide has been to many
transgendered people -- and once I saw how popular my guide were with
other transgendered people, I knew I'd be crazy not to make all of my
guide and research available for everyone who desires to pass for a

So I took all of the instructions, the tips, the background
information, all that I had -- and put it into the "Cross Dressing
Guide" -- an e-book I have spent years to put together that gives you
everything you need to create your own female image and female
persona-- in just a few short days!

Cross Dressing Guide

Read What Just a Couple of
Crossdressers Are Saying...

I love the guide! I have struggled to pass as a woman for years! I am a
cross dressing female male! I am glad to have found you.

-- Christine, Queensland

Thank you for the guide, Jamie! I live in Las Vegas and have met many
drag queen performers. They are surprised how I manage to achieve the
female look without using expensive make-up artists! Thanks a million!

-- Patricia, Nevada

I've filled over 100 pages with the exact information you need to
create your own female image

When you're ready to crossdress, what you need is a resource that
doesn't just give you copies of the same old information everyone else
has. You need real cross dressing tips and sound advice, so you can
figure out how to:
* Create smooth female-like skin by using skin products and cosmetic
that suit your own skin type.

* Make your own face by understanding the different kinds of faces
needs different kinds of methods. You'll learn male to female
makeovers before after.

* Smell like a real woman by using real female pheromone. Don't let
masculine sweat blow your cover. This will greatly enhance your
feminine appearance in ways you can imagine when you are

* Create your own cleavages with my detailed step by step
instructions. You want to look fertile in order to enhance your
feminine appearance.

* Hide your ugly bulge even when you are in a revealing bathing suit.
You want your "down there" to look nice and flat.

* Learn to dress as a female by knowing different styles of dresses,
fashion tips, types of feminine garments. Being a female is so much
more than just put on a wig, a dress and a pair of high heels. You
want admiring glances instead of laughter.

* Behave as a woman using the techniques that will make you more lady
than a real lady. You don't want to behave like a biker when
walking up and down the stairs, do you?

* Walk like a female using feminine movements that will make you a
fashion model. You don't want to let your masculine movements blow
your cover.

* Avoid common mistakes many crossdressers make which only make them
look silly.

I realize male to female feminisation is an art, so I combed through
all of my research notebooks so you could have the most in-depth cross
dressing information available anywhere.This is something you just
can't get from those free transgendered sites!

Indulge in a feminine appearance that you create!

Did you know that when you are able to pass for a woman in front of
others, you will gain more and more confidence? You will be able to
behave and act like a woman so naturally that you don't have to think.

In the guide, the psychological aspect of cross dressing is also

Here's just a tiny sample of them.
* Will people laugh? -- Yes, if you wander the streets in taffeta,
crinoline or excessively nice silk, people will mock you.

* Born in the wrong body? -- We'll talk about that.

* Feeling alone? -- Don't. Resources that will take you to find out
there are so many others like you and I.

Know the tools you need

There are a lot of feminization products out there that can help you to
achieve the feminine appearance that you need when you crossdress. I
have put together a huge collection of information on the tools that
have and have not worked for me and many other crossdressers out there.

Take a look at just a few of my favorites tools.
* Breast forms -- Where to buy and how to select the best breast
forms that look natural on your body in order to achieve the best
male to female breast transformation.

* Cache sex -- The thing that you use to hide your bulge even when
you are in lingerie or an one-piece woman swimsuit.

* Waist cincher -- A popular product that has helped many
crossdressers to achieve their hourglass figures.

* Hair remover -- What you need to remove your hair, inexpensive,
quick and painless.

* Wigs -- Learn what kind of wigs that suits your persona and learn
how to clean and maintain your wigs properly.

* Makeup kit -- Learn what makeup tools that work for you and learn
how to apply them to your face like a professional makeup artist.
This is very important when you are crossdressing.

PLUS -- Learn to become a Diva (if you want)

We see women on the streets every day. There are those typical looking
women and those who stand out. Imagine you'll be able to choose to be
either of those two categories.

So I discuss all of the available crossdressing and feminization
methods that will get you there, so you can indulge yourself in the
diva image you create for your own.

You'll learn about:
* How to be glamorous -- Envy those Las Vegas showgirls? You can be
one of them by learning my male to female makeovers. You don't want
to be just a crossdresser, you want to be a woman!

* How to do you own fantasy make-over -- We cover how to do make your
face to look like a normal woman. This will teach you to look like
a Pamela Anderson!

* How to package yourself -- What to wear to look like a teenaged
slut that you always see inside one of those trendy dance clubs.

Some more testimonials...

I love this book. I've already learned half of the techniques and have
been accepted as a female wherever I go. Thanks for making this such a
great book!

-- Katie, Ontario

You give complete and precise details on how to crossdress. I think you
are doing great!

-- Sandi, California

I'm a cross dressing male as female. I have learned a lot about making
faces and hair, which has increased my self-confidence when I go out as

-- Jane, Florida

I love the guide! I have struggled to pass as a woman for years! I am a
cross dressing female male! I am glad to have found you.

-- Christine, Queensland

I was looking for stories about forced feminization of men and I found
this. This is the best book I ever read, thanks!

-- Mandy, Iowa

I am into forced feminization of a man and writing stories of
feminization of males, male feminization maids, feminize boys stories.
Your guide is a great help.

-- Lindsay, New York

All I ever want is to be accepted as a real woman. Your website on male
to female gender transformation change is a great help to me.

-- Debra, England

I want to let you know how much I love your book. There is so much
courage there, so much experimentation and so much work. I look at you
and what you have done as almost heaven-sent. Without it I would
literally have no clue where to go or what to do. Based on your book
I've even decided to seek gender oriented counseling. Thank you so much
from the bottom of my heart.

-- Genevieve, Olympia

Can you afford NOT to have all of this information?

With this much information, you could normally expect to pay upwards of
$500. But I'm only charging $49.95, because I believe that the
information of how to be accepted as a female should be affordable for
every transgenderist, transsexual, transvestite and drag queen.

That's worth over thousands of dollars of information -- professional
make-up skills, various male to female transformation techniques,
disguise methods, psychological tricks and more -- for the price of
just a few fast food meals!

You get all of my male feminization methods and my own crossdressing
experiences AND all of my tricks for blending in inside the female

PLUS, you get the fascinating background information on the psychology
of invisibility, so you can pass as a female and fool everyone, not
even your own mother can recognize you!

And if that's not enough...

I'll also send you these 6
special bonuses (a $125 value)

Bonus #1:
($30 value; yours FREE)

Online &Offline Resources For The Transgendered


I created this guide for people who aren't sure where online and
offline they can find support groups, legal/medical advisors and the
best online stores that sells cross dressing products or even male to
female transformation services. I have used most of them and purchased
from most of them.

With the information I have collected and laid out for you in this
guide, you can discover the best online and offline resources for male
to female gender transformation without performing all the hectic
searches yourself.

Bonus #2:
($20 value; yours FREE)

Changing Your Identity Report

New Identities

Are you interested in learning about how to change an individual's
personal identity? This report covers reviews on many websites,
including online information stores, online/mail order stores that
offer you knowledge, techniques and products on changing your identity.
I have personally reviewed all the information and products those sites
have to offer. I truly believe they come in handy when a transgendered
person decides to go stealth by starting a new life under a new name

After reading my reviews, you will be able to decide which information
and product on changing one's personal identity can help you the most.

Bonus #3:
($30 value; yours FREE)

How To Find Your Female Voice Handbook

Female Voice

A beautiful feminine face will only get you so far. Therefore, this
bonus e-book contains everything you'll need to develop your own female
voice. You'll learn the concepts and methods behind female vocabulary,
female grammar, feminine body language, throat control, breathing,
adjusting pitch and more.

Various useful online resources are also covered in this excellent
e-book. Therefore, you will be able to unleash the woman in you by
creating your own feminine female voice.

Bonus #4:
($20 value: yours FREE)

About Feminizing Hormonal Therapy

Female Hormones

If you are interested in going further with your feminine
transformation, this e-book gives you the information of the
feminization process via male to female hormones such as estrogen. Upon
completion of this e-book, you will possess some knowledge of
feminizing hormonal therapy, such as how male to female breast hormones

After you read this e-book, you will know where and how to seek medical
advice and be able to decide whether hormonal therapy is for you.

Bonus #5:
($15 value; yours FREE)

Self Feminization Hypnosis Report

Self Feminization

I put together this short report for those of you who wish to learn how
to feminize yourself through powerful self hypnosis. You don't need a
certified hypnotist and you can do this by yourself in the comfort of
your own home.

There are plenty of resources in this report so you will be able to
learn how to think and feel like a real woman..

Bonus #6:
($10 value; yours FREE)

Ultra Realistic Breast Prosthesis Report

Realistic Breasts

This report contains valuable information on the newest and latest
Hollywood quality realistic breast prosthesis that you cannot find
anywhere else.

With this prosthesis, you will be able to have your own realistic
looking breasts without going through painful surgery.

Therefore, that is a total of SIX special bonuses for only $27.00 (was
[DEL: $49.95 :DEL] ). and don't forget the total value of these SIX
unique bonuses worth $125), here's how to order:

To order the "Cross Dressing Guide" today, along with your FOUR FREE




Was [DEL: $49.95 :DEL]
Now Only $13.95


Cross Dressing Guide
Sometime in 2016.
Order Today Before Changes Come.

Your copy of the "Cross Dressing Guide" as a PDF file will be available
for download IMMEDIATELY, so you can start to become the woman you want
to be in the next ten minutes!

Your friend,

Jamie Young

P.S. Remember, you've got nothing to lose by giving the "Cross Dressing
Guide" a try. If you're not absolutely thrilled by each and every
technique I have to offer over the next six weeks, I'll happily give
you your money back -- and you can keep both free bonuses!

P.P.S. You've got plenty to gain and nothing to lose with my 8-Weeks
Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.



Cross Dressing Guide 2004 ~ 2016 All Rights Reserved

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